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This ballpoint or mechanical pencil may look like a traditional pencil, but: surprise! It is the well known ballpen or mechanical pencil in disguise. Just click on the eraser and you will fi nd out! Available in 8 different colors, with the option of having your logo printed on the side. Ballpen with blue ink. Mechanical pencil with 1 mm HB graphite. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Wooden Ballpen
With 1 color print
165 x 10 mm

Mechanical Pencil
With 1 color print
165 x 10 mm


Wooden Ballpen
Wooden Mechanical Pencil


With 1 color print on pen
With 1 color print on pencil
Optional: Print on both sides
Optional: With 1 extra color


165 x Ø 10 mm
165 x Ø 10 mm

Min. Quantity​


Indicated delivery time​

2-4 weeks
2-4 weeks

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