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Custom-made Pencils

This category is still going strong. Making notes by hand is still the standard and pens and pencils are items useful to all. Always a great gift and a nice tool for keeping memories alive. We offer various pens for personalisation: more traditional styles such as feather or quill pens, and writing sets with pen and ink. Also, custom-made wax sealing sets for protecting written data! Old school, with style. Ball pens: customisable ball-point pens with blue or black ink, always decorated with a great artwork image. Simpler and more luxurious versions available. Not to mention the pencil toppers: for pens and pencils. Wooden custom-made pencils, FSC-certified wood, therefore eco-friendly, but also bespoke colouring pencils

These items can all be delivered in customised packaging. We offer a basic range with toppers such as crowns for palaces and castles, these can be printed with your own text or logo on the wood. Customised Swarovski crystal pencils and pens are also available and can be printed with your logo. For writing instruments such as pens, pencils, ballpens, quill pens and writing sets of luxury pens in a gift box: Lanzfeld has it all! Ideal for customisation for your museum shop.

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Pencils & Coloring
Writing Sets
In addition to customised products, you can also contact us for ready-made items from our collection to link in with the theme of your museum or company, whether developed by ourselves, purchased elsewhere, or created in collaboration with other museums. We supply from stock, visit our webshop:

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