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Home Textiles

Tea towels with art prints; customised and based on your own artwork. But other home decoration items can also be customised, such as custom-made or bespoke pillow cases with full-colour art print or personalised sleeping masks. Custom-made sleeping masks are perfect for travellers and tourists. Ideal for your museum shop: all customisable textile items are easy to carry in your suitcase.

Bespoke tea towels, pillow cases, sleeping masks and make-up pouches – small items that are perfect as museum merchandise and easily fit into a suitcase. This sub-category also includes other customisable items for the home, such as custom-made bars of soap, porcelain, kitchenware, candles, candle shades, bespoke tableware and reproductions for decorating walls. Use your own artwork to create personalised homeware and home textiles.

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