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Custom-made make-up items like bespoke make-up pouches, make-up bags, folding mirrors, pocket mirrors, lipstick cases or bespoke lens cases – all ideal for customisation.

Customise your lipstick case with beautiful art and a concealed mirror. Customised make-up pouches or make-up bags for travellers and tourists. Personalised full-colour print on make-up pouches or other make-up items. Ideal item for museum shops, perfect museum merchandise for tourists and visitors. 

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Multi Purpose Pouches
hand mirror pocket-sized and personalised
Pocket Mirrors
Folding Mirrors
Fabric Folding Mirrors
Lipstick Case

Magnetic Items
Fridge Magnets
Fridge Magnets on Cards
Epoxy & Glass Magnets
Epoxy Magnet Sets
Flexible Magnets
Mini Magnet Sets
Solid Magnet Sets