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This category is a source of inspiration and creation. Bespoke products for children and adults alike. Items inspired by beautiful art, inspiring images to ensure you create some yourself. Customisable games, puzzles and toys. Customised stickers, sketchbooks, colouring books and artist’s journals are also available. Bullet journals to make yourself. And not to mention the custom-made coloring pencils, HB pencils with or without eraser and fully customisable drawing implements to create your own work of art. 

Games to customise: puzzles, bridge or poker playing card sets in a gift box and more. Custom-made toys: kaleidoscopes and bespoke magic folding cubes. Great art to play with… but also jigsaw puzzles from 150 to 1000 pieces, made to order, presented in a box or tube. Create your own puzzle based on your own image or artwork. Custom-made and bespoke playing cards are a traditional best-seller for museum shops. A luxurious custom-made bridge gift set is now also available. A beautiful gift and a best-seller in museum shops, gift emporiums and souvenir boutiques, to improve your sales!

Playing Cards
In addition to customised products, you can also contact us for ready-made items from our collection to link in with the theme of your museum or company, whether developed by ourselves, purchased elsewhere, or created in collaboration with other museums. We supply from stock, visit our webshop:

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