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Personalized postcards and notecards: a traditional must have in your shop. But never in such good quality in such small quantities. An easy to make product that will always be well appreciated by your visitors. To take home or to send a message or a thank you note to a loved one.

Print your own postcards and distribute your art on these beautiful postcards. A perfect product for your counter, or for a standing, rotating display in your shop. Small MOQ and fast delivery. Create your own art postcards with Lanzfeld!

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Order postcards with your own photo or design. Whether it is for your permanent collection, for an exhibition or to distribute as a promotional item: the bespoke postcards can be customized according to your wishes. Based on your most famous paintings, images, artwork, photos or logo we can create a beautiful unique product that is tailor-made for your shop. You can also produce postcards with quotes or other texts. The postcard will be printed in full color. Your artwork on the front, and on the back there is room for a text. There will also be room left for a stamp in the upper right corner, and a few lines to put an address. Full color print on both sides is possible. Postcards with a shiny, glossy finish or postcards with a matt finish. Envelopes can be supplied on demand. Our design studio will be happy to help you create made-to-measure postcards that fits your style and identity. Or you can use our templates and make your own design!
Because our postcards are locally produced in our own facility, you can order our postcards in small quantities (50 pieces per design) and with fast delivery (2 to 4 weeks).


Our postcards are available in two standard sizes: rectangular postcards (10 x 15 cm) and square postcards (13 x 13 cm). The postcards are made of sturdy 300 grams FSC-paper.


Apart from our classic postcards, we also propose notecards (double postcards with envelopes). And to assemble your most beautiful paintings, most popular quotes or best photographs, we also propose sets of postcards, presented in a beautiful wallet. Postcards wallets are available with 8 classic postcards or in a more luxury edition with 10 double notecards with envelopes. Or you could sell a real collectors item and choose a card box with 20 double notecards in it. Feel free to contact us to know more about the possibilities.

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