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Custom-made jewellery like pearls, pearl earrings – with silver or gold hangers and baroque-style hangers with crystals, pearl bracelets and necklaces, all in a beautiful customised gift box with full-colour labelling. Bespoke accessories, jewellery and cufflinks in a tailor-made gift box. Custom-made cufflinks with doming and your own artwork on cufflinks, thus creating your own set of customised cufflinks in a tailor-made gift box.

A perfect gift for men and ideal for museum shops. Superb range of small items that offer good margins for museum shops or museum stores. Perfect gifts for men and women, custom-made jewellery, accessories and cufflinks with art print. Customised museum merchandise for any shop. This section also includes: our custom-made scarves, make-up items, bespoke shoppers and tote bags.

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