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A set of three or fi ve HB printed pencils. Printed all around in full color, or with a white/other color logo on a black or color pencil: just some of the options available. Choice of transparent packaging with a sleeve or a full-color printed paper box with a drawer and a ribbon: truly luxurious gift wrapping. A wonderful souvenir and gift.

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Regular Pencil Sets
360° full color print
185 x 25 x 10 mm

Regular Pencil Sets
5 pencils with full color print
41 x 180 x 13 mm


Regular Pencil Sets
Regular Pencil Sets


White base with 360° full color-print
5 pencils, full color-print in Paper box


185 x 25 x 10 mm
41 x 180 x 13 mm

Min. Quantity​


Indicated delivery time​

6 weeks
6-8 weeks

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