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A stylish folder in which larger quantities of documents can be stored away. Sturdy but still flexible folders that use flaps (Luxury) to keep documents together, can be closed with an elastic band in any color. Featuring a range of creasing on the back to set the thickness. Printed in full color on the outside. Can also be printed with a solid color or full color on the inside. Available in 2 sizes: for A5 or A4 documents.

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Portfolios Luxury
Folder A5
250 x 180 mm

Portfolios Luxury
Folder A4
351 x 225 mm

Portfolios Standard
Folder A4
225 x 310 mm


Portfolios Luxury
Portfolios Luxury
Portfolios Standard


Paper folder A5 with elastic closure & flaps
Paper folder A4 with elastic closure & flaps
Paper, matt laminated with elastic enclosure


250 x 180 mm*
351 x 225 mm*
225 x 310 mm*

* when folded

Min. Quantity​


Indicated delivery time​

6 weeks
6 weeks
2 weeks

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