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Developing, producing and distributing products has an impact on the lives and well-being of people and exhausts the planet. Lanzfeld is aware of this and takes its responsibility by operating sustainably: making a profit that does not come at the expense of people and the environment. Also called corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Social responsibility

At Lanzfeld, at least 50% of the employees are women and at least 10% are at a distance from the labor market or have a migration background. Lanzfeld does not use child labor. Dutch labor legislation is strictly followed and Lanzfeld is well insured against illness, accidents and liability. Every year, at least 1% of the net profit is spent on recognized causes with the theme health, freedom, nature and culture.

Environmental responsibility

Lanzfeld has the ambition to become climate neutral in 3 steps in 5 years. The first step has been made: the CO2 emissions as an organization were mapped out and compensated since 2020. The “Climate Neutral Group” has helped Lanzfeld to determine the “CO2 footprint” and the compensation project.

CO2 reduction program

The second step is to reduce the CO2 emissions of the organization and the production: an improvement plan for energy consumption, raw materials, packaging and waste at our own production location in Delft. That plan has been implemented since 2021.

Suppliers to pass the bar

Finally, it is the turn of the suppliers: they are assessed on their organization, products and certificates, so that ultimately Lanzfeld as an organization, production location and all its products can be certified as climate neutral. The ambition is to achieve this by 2025.

Examples and results

  • In February 2021 Lanzfeld has compensated its CO2-footprint through a certified Biogas project
  • In February 2022 Lanzfeld will map out its CO2-footprint and compensate 
  • Lanzfeld will move to new business premises with a heat pump and solar panels in 2023
  • At the company’s own production location in Delft, only 100% FSC-paper is currently processed.
  • An environmentally friendly alternative is now available for all product packagings.
  • In 2022 Lanzfeld will offer its clients a choice for CO2-compensated transport for their shipments
  • More examples are in development and we would like to keep you informed via the mailings.

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