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Consider selling your magnetic bookmarks both individually and as part of thoughtfully curated sets of three. By offering magnetic bookmark sets, you can create themed collections that appeal to various interests, such as specific artists, art movements, or other cohesive themes.

Each set can come packaged with a full-color printed backing card inside a clear PP (polypropylene) bag. This not only enhances the presentation but also offers ample space for additional information. Utilize this space to provide engaging texts that detail the background of the featured artist and the significance of the artwork. 

 Our professional design team is here to assist you in selecting the ideal designs and combinations for your bookmarks. We specialize in creating luxurious themed sets that will enrich your museum, shop, or event.

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Magnetic Bookmark Set
Set of 3
150 x 190 mm


Magnetic Bookmark Sets


Set of 3 Collection size with backing card in PP bag

* when folded


49 x 105 mm *
148,5 x 194 mm

Min. Quantity​​


Indicated delivery time​​

2 weeks

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