All Templates

Fridge Magnet Templates

Solid Magnet Panorama

Solid Magnet Square
Solid Magnet Rectangular

Solid Magnet Rectangular XL

Glass Magnet Round 25 mm

Glass Magnet Round 30 mm

Glass Magnet Round 40 mm

Glass Magnet Round 50 mm



Magnetic Bookmarks Collection Size

Magnetic Bookmarks King Size

Magnetic Bookmarks Regular Size


Posters & Reproductions

Mat Board / Matted Print Small

Mat Board / Matted Print Medium

Mat Board / Matted Print Large

Mat Board / Matted Print Extra Large

Plexiframe Small

Plexiframe Medium

Plexiframe Large

Poster 50 x 70 cm

Poster 70 x 100 cm

Repro Boards A4 and A3

Framed Reproduction



Pens & Pencils

Quill Pen Label

Quill Pen Packaging Card

Wooden Ball Pen

Velvet Pencil Label

Photo Pen

Mechanical Pencil

Design Pencil

Regular Pencil



Softcover Notebook

Hardcover Notebook

Pocket Notes

Sketch Pad

Notelet GoGoNotes



Postcard Rectangular 150 x 105 mm

Postcard Square 130 x 130 mm

Notecard Square 105 x 105 mm

Notecard Square 120 x 120 mm

Notecard Square 150 x 150 mm

Notecard Rectangular 153 x 112 mm

Notecard Rectangular 168 x 120 mm

Card Wallet Square

Card Wallet Medium

Card Wallet Large


Phone Items

iPhone 4 Hardcase

iPhone 5 Hardcase
iPhone 6 Hardcase

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hardcase
Samsung Galaxy S5 Hardcase

Phone Pocket Regular Size

Phone Pocket Large


Spectacle Cases

Spectacle Case

Spectacle Pocket

Lens Cloth

Lens Cloth Sticker

Pocket Mirrors

Pocket Mirror Small

Pocket Mirror Large


Shopper Bags

City Shopper

Document Shopper

Beach Shopper

Courier Bag Small

Courier Bag Large


Coaster Sets

Coaster Laminate

Coaster UV Lacquer

Coaster Packaging Sleeve Laminate - set of 4

Coaster Packaging Sleeve Laminate - set of 6

Coaster Packaging Sleeve UV Lacquer - set of 4

Coaster Packaging Sleeve UV Lacquer - set of 6


Serving Trays

Serving Tray Mini Melamine

Serving Tray Midi Melamine

Serving Tray Maxi Melamine

Serving Tray Small Laminate

Serving Tray Medium Laminate

Serving Tray Large Laminate



Mug Classic

Mug Tall

Mug DeLuxe




Ruler 15 cm

Ruler 30 cm

Mouse Pad

File Holder Stickers Small, set of 5

File Holder Stickers Large, set of 3

File Sheet A4
File Sheet Folder NEW

Sticker Set Round

Sticker Set Square

Paper Weight Small

Paper Weight Large



Cufflinks Round

Cufflinks Square

Cufflinks Rectangular

Cufflinks Oval

Cufflinks Giftbox Labels

Earrings Giftbox Labels

Bracelet Giftbox Labels

Necklace Giftbox Labels



Keyring Classic Rectangular

Keyring Classic Panorama

Keyring Rectangular in giftbox

Keyring Round in giftbox

Keyring Square in giftbox

Keyring Giftbox Label Backside

Keyring Giftbox Label Frontside


Button Badge

Replica Tile Small

Replica Tile Medium


Games & Toys

Memory Game

Magic Cube

Jigsaw Puzzle Small

Jigsaw Puzzzle Medium




Mints Tin